"Time to be an Outlier"

Setting goals to improve our under-served communities through real-world applications of network building and shadowing.



"How to Save a Life"

Raising up families to live proactive lives by providing free health screenings to lessen medical costs, while encouraging active lifestyles .



"What Makes Me Stronger"

Helping students rise above unmitigated circumstances, through constructive avenues of expression, i.e. bulllying, or the arts programs

No student should feel mentally defeated
before stepping on the field of play
due to lack of equipment or athletic gear.
Our Mission:

Leveraging the athletic platform by providing underserved sports programs with new equipment, while addressing the socioeconomic needs and emotional health of our communities through education, wellness, and leadership

Fox 46 Coverage of BTEP 3v3 Tournament
"Taking over the streets of Uptown"


 ​   ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  BTEP's Inaugural Rally willpartner alongside the prestigious Charlotte Links organization to illuminate the sprawling  communities of the Renaissance West corridor


BTEP 3v3 Tournament (In the Streets)
Antibullying Rally
 ​​​​​​​​B.T.E.P.’s 3rd Annual (3v3 Tournament) establishes cross cultural relationships beyond the economic and social strata of our constituents.

3v3 Rules
Sponsorship Deck
Waiver Form