Founded by Herb Bowen in 2014
(Tax ID:  501c3 - #47-4752291)

Leveraging athletic platforms to address the socioeconomic needs and emotional health of our communities through  education, wellness, and anti-bullying

B.T.E.P. seeks to establish cross cultural relationships beyond the economic and social strata of our constituents

#BApart Anti-Bullying Program
BTEP Anti-Bullying Initiatives
Empowering students to create solutions to reduce bullying incidents within their schools

Monitoring the Change
Incorporating working media to document schools/students who are successful in creating trackable change
#BCreative Art Program
B.T.E.P Art Initiatives 
Providing under-served urban youth with the opportunities to explore and engage the creative process through an entrepreneurial lens

New Gallery of Modern Art and Behailu Academy
Raise social consciousness through holistic methodology that include constructive mediums for expression

#BInspired Shadowing Program
B.T.E.P  Shadowing Initiatives
Students will shadow selected employees for a half or an entire day.

Career Assessment Course
Students will build strong networks and receive effective tips in business practices, attire, and preparing for their future both financially and mentally