1. Aug 10-11 2018
    Uptown Charlotte
    Uptown Charlotte
    B.T.E.P.’s 3rd Annual (3v3 Tournament) establishes cross cultural relationships beyond the economic and social strata of our constituents As a sponsor your brand will r​​​​​​​​esonate with millennials, families, and star-studded personalities attending our tournament
  2. May 19 2018
    Lake Norman
    Lake Norman
    BTEP's Inaugural Watersport Games will illuminate the forgotten communities of Lake Norman, (lost in the guise of opulent residences), which tell a different story. Many aquatic activities will be at the disposal of underserved children and families around the Mecklenberg County sector.
  3. All School Year
    BApart Assemblies
    BApart Assemblies
    Preventing the development of new bullying incidents within the school Empowering bystanders to take action as a collective against bullying, rather than standing idle
  1. June-Aug 2018
    BCreative Entrepreneurs
    BCreative Entrepreneurs
    Creative products have become an essential element in our economic and societal ecosystem Afterschool activities do not connect creativity to career and economic stability Art-based curriculum that focuses on the development of entrepreneurial behaviors
  1. April 21 2018
    Charlotte Links & BTEP Rally
    Charlotte Links & BTEP Rally
    North, South, East, West will have their own separate events coming up in 2019 You see me and I see you, both whom are unique and gifted with a different view Anti-bullying and health will be the driving focus, while instituting a lasting memory of unity, empathy, and action
  1. May 25-26 2018
    Santa Ana, CA
    Santa Ana, CA
    We are blessed to partner with Maggette Basketball for the BTEP L.A. 3v3 tournament in beautiful Santa Ana, CA Celebrity game and throngs of teams will highlight this weekend With the donations being poured back int o the Santa Ana community and BTEP's continuing endeavors
2017 Sponsors:
  1. Novant Health
    Novant Health
    TITLE SPONSOR From passwords to birthdays, you know a lot of numbers by heart. But do you know 3 key numbers that identify prediabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity? Novant Health is committed to helping you know the numbers that may save your life.
  2. New Gallery of Modern Art
    New Gallery of Modern Art
    All Star Sponsor NGMA offers a range of artwork that educates, supports local endeavors, builds collections and importantly, introduces the Southeast to new aesthetics. In The Green complex, 435 South Tryon Street, Suite 110.
  3. Fox 46 Charlotte
    Fox 46 Charlotte
    MVP SPONSOR FOX 46 Charlotte is your new FOX station in Charlotte! We are your source for local news, sports, weather and traffic for North and South Carolina. Watch Fox 46 live on our Fox 46 GO! app




  1. Movement Foundation
    Movement Foundation
    Dream Team Sponsor Funded by profits generated from Movement Mortgage, the foundation comes alongside others to reinvest in communities and empower individuals to fulfill whatever tasks God has equipped them to do. Since its founding in 2012, the foundation has invested more than $22 million in causes and ventures intended to spark lasting change in lives — from the Movement School in Charlotte, North Carolina to the development of a commercial farm in Uganda, East Africa.
  1. Phase 3
    Phase 3
    MARKETING SPONSOR Whether providing a single service “a la carte” or engaging in holistic marketing campaigns, Phase 3 has the talent, experience, size and geographic footprint to deliver on time and on budget while exceeding client expectations.