1. Renato Zamudio
    Board Chair A multilingual savant whose creative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit flourish everyday Sales Associate Web.com
  2. Nebras Hayek
    Board Secretary A trilingual dynamo whose proficiency in strategic partnerships and digital forensics falls only behind her love for the Chicago Cubs Director of Business Development Vohra Wound Physicians
  3. Willie Crite
    Board Treasurer Being precise and meticulous is what created the accounting firm, but sincerity towards his Rocky River student athletes is what built the foundation Owner Accounting Bookkeeping & Tax Financial Services Plus Inc
  4. DJ Garvey
    Board Member This young tycoon is a packaging solutions extraordinaire who brings laughter and energy to any boardroom or setting he enters into Intrapreneur and Lead Account Executive Stephen Gould Corporation
  5. Christopher Webb
    Board Member A family man whose sterling character is personified with class and composure, which serves as the ground wire to our spark. Insurance Professional Larry S Helms & Associates
  6. Kathryn Ruland
    Board Member Imagine a firecracker being lit, now imagine the beauty upon explosion, this awe inspiring moment perfectly encapsulates the vision that is "Kat" Senior Account Director Phase 3 Marketing and Communications
  7. EJ Drayton
    Board Member An innovator and connoisseur of transportation. A forward thinker and purveyor of novel ideas that rival his older counterparts. Founder Jaunt Charlotte
  8. David Mason
    Board Member A genteel man whose auspicious future requires shades of the highest quality, coupled with barricades, to slow the hoards of individuals clamoring for his services Account Executive, Premium Sales Charlotte Hornets
  9. Chad Taylor
    Board Member A builder of cross cultural relationships that heal wounds that not only increase the currency of social capital, but manufacture enduring change Founder SockTips LLC
  10. Herb Bowen
    President To be concise, may God receive all the glory, for it is only he who lets my actions speak louder than my words Founder BTEP Inc & Caustic Stimulus LLC

The Board

Advisory Board

  1. Sandra Conway
    Advisory Board Member Independent Consultant Current Board Chair of CMS Foundation
  2. Gary Knight
    Advisory Board Member Retired Nonprofit Strategist and Board Architect
  3. Mimi Sabates
    Advisory Board Member Executive Director B.R.A.K.E.S.
  4. DeAlva Wilson
    Advisory Board Member Founder DWA Wilson Agency
  5. Brandon Adcock
    Advisory Board Member Co-Founder Direct Digital LLC
  6. Jim Cannata
    Advisory Board Member Executive VP of Agency Services Phase 3 Marketing and Communications
  7. Irina Toshkova
    Advisory Board Member Co-Founder & Managing Partner New Gallery of Modern Art

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